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poduszka 3DECCART is Europe's only manufacturer and distributor of polystyrene foam 3D wall panels based on its original ideas.
We are the only company to make innovative EPS polystyrene foam products designed to give a 3D look to a modern interior.


Our polystyrene foam 3D panels are made of carefully processed raw materials.
They can be used to create unique decorations to emphasise the modern look of your interior and to give it a warm feel.
Working with experienced business partners, we have learned to work diligently and hard to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, while our determination and a creative approach to what we do are the driving force behind our growth every day.


We have been on the market continuously for 7 years. All our 3D panels are made entirely in Poland.
Discover our range of polystyrene foam 3D wall panels!


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